Our Week Summary 03/10/12

Here at the blog we like to roundup the best posts made on our discussion board every week because sometimes they get buried under piles of even more great debate.

As we’ve got a metric butt load of new members this month it feels appropriate to start with Emily Crocker’s contribution. She linked to a video entitled ‘What Do Feminists Have Left?‘, which accessibly and amusingly points out why feminism is still relevant as well as introducing some widely used feminist theories such as the Bechdel test.

The theme of this week’s meetings is ‘women in sport’ so in the run up we encouraged you to post about just that. Tilly Wood linked to bitch media’s rundown of sexist Olympic advertising which features QR codes on female volleyball bottoms, ESPN encouraging female athletes to pose naked and P&G selling detergent by reinforcing the link between mothers and domestic social roles.

On the other side of the Atlantic Robyn McBurney snapped a spectacularly ignorant Arizona bumper sticker that manages to be homophobic and misogynistic in equal measure. Tessa Gilder-Smith observed that ‘people who display political opinions on bumper stickers are the worst kind of people’, and she’s spot on. Fuck that dude.

Closing out on a more positive note, Tessa also linked to ‘We Can Stop It’, a Scottish campaign that places blame for rape firmly on the rapist. It aims to erase misconceptions about what rape and consent are and is a breath of fresh air when compared to other victim blaming anti-rape campaigns like the posters below.

Thanks for everyone’s contributions this week, see you next Wednesday for another discussion group roundup.





Ollie Balaam

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