Our Week Summary 25/10/12

Here at the blog we like to roundup the best posts made on our discussion board every week because sometimes it they get buried under piles of even more great debate.

With a week to go, Tilly Wood linked to a Facebook campaign against ignorant and racist Halloween costumes made by the same people who did a similar campaign last year called We’re a culture, not a costume. The omission of ‘Native Americans, which is by far the most common costume.’ in this year’s campaign was pointed out by Zoe Ashley Meeken. And in the comments there was a great conversation about racism and class-ism, where Annie Mary-Kate Kelly made some clear, informative points about the differences between xenophobia towards white people and racism.

As this week’s discussion topic is chivalry and sexual harassment, member Sam Clark helpfully posted something he’s created – a .pdf file advising survivors of sexual harassment/assault of where they can go to report their experiences, both within UEA and other resources within Norwich. One such resource, is Norwich Against Street Harassment (NASH) who describe themselves as “a safe space for the people of Norwich, or even further afield, to discuss and report the harassment they face on the streets, support each other and investigate ways to deal with it.”

And finally Tessa Gilder Smith, the student union’s women’s officer linked to this informative GOP rape advisory chart. We already knew their awful views on rape, but here is a collection of especially sickening quotes if anybody was in doubt that feminism was still needed. It’s colorful and depressing in equal measure.

Oliver Balaam & Tilly Wood

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