Our Weekly Summary: 03/11/12

Here at the blog we like to roundup the best posts made on our discussion board every week because sometimes it they get buried under piles of even more great debate.

Starting uncomfortably close to home, Hannah Dunlop spotted this van in Norwich. It’s an unfortunate example of how deeply sexism is ingrained into the institutional fabric of many office spaces. It’s also some of the worst graphic design I have seen this side of Word Art 95.

Speaking of management class sexism, UEA TV’s Jack Brindelli produced a fantastic and funny exploration of the vampire genre as both a vehicle for feminist criticism and a method of patriarchal reinforcement. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Elsewhere Tessa Gilder-Smith posted about Halo 4‘s developers 343 Industries implementing a zero tolerance policy of lifetime ban for sexist abuse in online play. Matt Finucane pointed out the logistic issues of trying to enforce this, indeed they have already run into issues with the system pre-release, but it’s definitely an important step in the right direction from one of the most prominent studios in the industry.

Cal Corkery linked to a Concrete article about Lad culture that’s received  a fair bit of attention over the past week. Most of the discussion agreed that its heart was in the right place but it was slightly problematic and ‘mansplainy’. Sophie Witts, Concrete’s news co-editor suggested that someone from feminist society could write a response piece. Concrete relies on active student voices and if any students feel they aren’t represented they’re invited to represent  themselves. So far nobody has taken her up on the offer, if you’re interested you can submit an article to concrete.comment@uea.ac.uk.

Thanks for everybody’s discussion contributions this week. I hope to see you on Tuesday for our screening of Easy A.

Oliver Balaam

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