Our Weekly Summary: 17/11/12

Here at the blog we like to roundup the best posts made on our discussion board every week because sometimes it they get buried under piles of even more great debate.

Although the US election is over, the issue of women’s reproductive rights is back on all our minds once again when Amber Griffith-Monk shared the story of the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar in the Republic of Ireland. Halappanavar died of septicaemia after being refused a life-saving abortion in Ireland, where the procedure is still illegal. We discussed the protests in Ireland following Halappanavar’s death, but Rachel Knott provided a sobering voice by reminding us of the ongoing legal battle over Case X. Hannah Dunlop shared a timely opinion piece by consultant Dr. Frances Marks, reminding us the importance of keeping even late-term abortion legal.

Pop music was also up for discussion this week when Robyn Sands linked to a review and discussion in The Guardian about Rihanna’s latest album and her controversial duet with Chris Brown. Annie Mary-Kate Kelly made some great points regarding the media’s vilification of the pop star for her renewed relationship with Brown and how society judges victims of trauma and domestic violence. The issue of race, and how the public’s reaction to Rihanna and Brown is affected by the fact that both are POC, was also discussed.

Women’s officer Tessa Gilder-Smith shared an article from Fem2pt0 about the insidious ways women are pressured into agreeing to sex. Meanwhile, we also discussed UEA professor BJ Epstein’s reaction piece on the Huffington Post to Cameron Diaz’s comments about “70s bush” on The Graham Norton show.

It wasn’t all bad news, however; Max Bull made us smile by sharing the story of father Mike Hoye, who hacked his daughter’s Legend of Zelda game to turn Princess Zelda herself into the hero.

On Tuesday and Thursday, in place of regular meetings, UEA careers advisor Adrienne Jolly came to lead our members in a wonderful careers and interviews workshop specifically aimed at female candidates. We hope to bring her back in the spring term.

And finally on Thursday, members of the society enjoyed a trip into Norwich to go bowling.

Hattie Samuel

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