Our Weekly Summary: 01/12/12

Here at the blog we like to roundup the best posts made on our discussion board every week because sometimes it they get buried under piles of even more great debate.

This week we held a photo session in the Hive for the “Who needs feminism?” campaign which went brilliantly. The pictures are now up on our Facebook discussion page, check them out here.

Charlie Goodkind gave us all a laugh with the latest nonsense from Fox News. If any feminists have missed the memo, misogyny is over and women are currently waging a war on men.

Annie Mary-Kate Kelly started a really interesting discussion on the use and reclamation of the word misandry by feminists. For example, does using it more frequently legitimise it as an equal and opposite force to misogyny? Interesting debate about the etymology of the word continued in the comments.


The Tab Norwich have done it again. Ellie Reynard posted a link to the article The Worst Kind of People, a sexist and hateful article about women using men’s toilets. Victoria Finan, Culture editor at the Tab Norwich, has specified this is only the opinion of one individual writer. She cast light on the fact that articles can be cross published from other Tab sites seemingly without editorial consent. It’s a continuing and systemic problem, indeed Ellie herself admitted she quit the Tab last year over offensive and sensationalist articles such as this one.

Rosha Georgia posted this year’s Asda Christmas advert after she felt irritated on first watch. The advert, which carries the tagline “Behind every great Christmas there’s a mum,” re-enforces harmful ’50s gender stereotypes such as that women should happily and single-handedly do all the housework. Commenters agreed that for the 64% of the UK with non-nuclear families, this advert was alienating and perpetuating an idealised family norm. Robyn Sands articulated it well when she said “[I]t’s really not that hard to understand that advertising and the media in general often create a dominant ideology that reinforces stereotypes and gender roles which contributes to oppression” and Charlie Goodkind suggested the alternative “behind every Christmas there are great parents.”

Tilly Wood

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