On Changing The World and Calling People Out

Hello, I’m Hattie, and I am the outgoing President of UEA Feminist Society. This will probably be my last blog post for UEA Feminism, and I’d like to make it clear before everyone shouts at me that I don’t represent opinions of the society as a whole. Many of you will recognise me as I regularly run the discussion group. Because of that, I would say I’m pretty used to “calling people out”.

There are times when people come to the group and they are just so unused to feminist discussion, so sexist, so offensive, that people shout at them, and they never come back. Perhaps it’s for the best, because people in the group were hurt and made uncomfortable by the things they said, and we should be protecting those people if we run a feminist society. Or perhaps these people are just somewhere else now, spouting the same offensive bullshit to other hurt and uncomfortable people, only now they think “well, I tried to be a feminist and the feminists didn’t want me, they’re just shitty people.”Read More »