[VIDEO] @Chescaleigh, Rape Culture & Downton Abbey

Trigger warning: rape, sexual assault, violence

You can watch more videos by Bethan May Bishop here.


One thought on “[VIDEO] @Chescaleigh, Rape Culture & Downton Abbey

  1. Hey, thanks for this video. I’ve been looking for similar people who were also affected by the episode. Unfortunately the mainstream media has descended into victim-blaming and dismissiveness, which makes it very hard to find anything else on the subject. I am waiting with interest to see just how many complaints Ofcom received about it (complaint counts get published fortnightly). I complained to both Ofcom and ITV but all I got back was their standard template which the media outlets used to defend the show’s writer.

    I completely agree with you that they used it as a plot device and as a means to increase their ratings. Various cast members were quoted as saying it was a “bold” and “shocking” move so I don’t see how they can argue their primary intent was to promote sensible discussion about rape and victim blaming. I also *hate* that they think the parts they showed (the assault prior to Anna Bates being dragged off) and her screams didn’t count as part of the rape. Their line in the letter was that “the rape itself was not depicted on screen whatsoever” but if Anna were a real person who was agonising over her rape, she would undoubtedly think of the rape as starting at the point when she realised he wasn’t going to let her get away and when he forcibly applied his lips to her face. Argh!

    Anyway, thanks again. My own take-down of their bull is here. I’d be interested to know what you think.

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