RIOT! – The Fresher’s Guide

Fresher zine 2015-16-page-001   Fresher zine 2015-16-page-002Fresher zine 2015-16-page-003Fresher zine 2015-16-page-004 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-005 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-006 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-007 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-008 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-009 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-010 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-011 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-012 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-013 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-014 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-015 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-016 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-017 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-018 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-019 Fresher zine 2015-16-page-020

This is the latest edition of our zine, RIOT! You can read all our zines at our issuu page:

Please let us know if you would like any part of this zine described, transcribed or modified for accessibility purposes.

The next issue of our zine will be focusing on race and feminism. If you are a person of colour who would like to submit writing or artwork, please contact us at


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