Welcome and Welcome Back, Feminists!

This is UEA Femsoc’s official wordpress, if you would like to create something for our blog please message us at uea.feminism@gmail.com

Our first discussion group will be on Tuesday 29th September in Congregation Hall 01.20. The discussion topic will be Feminism 101, and we’ll signpost the room. It’ll also be wheelchair accessible, and we’ll try to signpost that too!

If you’re new and feel a little nervous about coming, please sign up to our buddy system! Just send your name, your school of study (like BIO or AMA) and your preferred email address. Send it to uea.feminism@gmail.com and we’ll pair you up with someone lovely! Also if you’ve been here before and you’d like to sign up to be a buddy please tell us!

Also after our first social we’re going to head on over to Unio Coffee Bar on campus for a mini social just to chat and get to know each other. We’ll lead you over so don’t worry if you don’t know where that is.

[Edited to add] On Thursday 1st October we will be attending a discussion panel to launch UEA’s Black History Month celebrations. The panel is from 5-7pm in Union House bookable room 1. There are more details here. This is not an event that was organised by Femsoc but we thought our members want to be there, so we won’t have our own discussion that Thursday.

If you have seen our zine RIOT! put together by the wonderful Union Council Rep, Asia, and would like to submit to it, please send us an email. We consider all submissions and we also have lots of different themed zines, the next one coming up is for black history month.

Also if you would like to get involved in volunteering locally, your Vice President Lauren Salvage is running the Volunteer Feminist Department group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/802109633190463/?fref=ts
it’s a super great way of getting involved with some great local organisations and doing some amazing activist work.

We’re running some online discussion prompts under the hashtag‪ #‎ueafemtalks‬. Our current one is on makeup, so please send us your thoughts on any format you like, be it blog post, youtube video, interpretive dance, you name it! Don’t forget to tag it with #ueafemtalks, and make sure you let us know you’ve made it so we can post it on our tumblr!

We’ve got so much to come this year, but for now we hope to see you at our first discussion group! Have a lovely first week and welcome to UEA!


Charlotte (President)


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