About UEA Feminism

An intersectional feminist group at the University of East Anglia.

The UEA Feminist Society started as a small discussion group in November 2010 and continued to grow, winning ‘Society of the Year’ and ‘Best New Society’ in 2012. UEAFS was the first English university feminist society to join the now international Who Needs Feminism campaign and were featured in the Guardian’s article ‘New shoots of student feminism’ with a picture of our International Women’s Day celebrations 2013.

We run a friendly, open-minded feminist discussion group run by students that meets 5-7pm every Tuesday and Thursday during term time. As a group, we examine a different subject each week using a variety of media. All genders are equally welcome and it’s always great to see new members. In addition we run a number of socials and events throughout term, notably the UEA International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8th,

We also run a monthly zine during term time called RIOT! You can see past issues here!

Our 2015/16 committee consists of:

President: Charlotte
VP/Secretary: Lauren
Treasurer: Becky
Union Council Rep: Asia
Social Secretary/Health and Safety: Juliet
General Committee: Bee (Equality and Diversity), Charlotte SB and Hannah

Contact us at:


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